Diet: how to measure the results

1     During a diet the results vary: from the initials of abundant weight loss, the pounds harder to lose, up to the stabilization. How to tell when it's time to weigh yourself? In such moments? Indeed, monitor the results of a diet is more complicated than you think. Follow this guide, and the results will be more… reliable.

The balance is our best ally?

The weight scale It is not always the right tool to measure results: That, In fact, so far our weight body, being the most prevalent of weight control tool, but it is not always appropriate. Why? Simple: often the loss of pounds does not correspond to fat loss, but also only liquids; è bene evitare che oscillazioni del peso influiscano sul nostro stato d’animo in maniera demotivante. A kilo is not the sign of a certain failure.

What determines the body weight?

During a diet you can lose up to a maximum of 2 kg week, to have lasting results. The factors, But, affecting the weight are liquids, bones and their mass, the organs (as the intestinal contents), muscle and the fat. Muscle mass can vary, for example, increasing if we exercise, but more slowly than body fat. Another important fact about the water body: in a day can range in size up to two kilos. If we want to eliminate this amount of retention we have to try to take less sodium can: then we reduce the sea salt to season, but mostly we avoid packaged foods and “artifacts”, which are the main carriers for excess sodium.  

When and how to weigh yourself?

Did you know that is not necessarily true that you have to weigh yourself in the morning? To be honest, should not weigh yourself every day: to measure with confidence the results of a diet and effectively monitor the weight change is sufficient to weigh yourself twice a week, avoiding to step on the scale after sports or in the morning, since these weight estimates never correspond to reality. Sometimes, finally, you should prefer the tape measure the balance: not always the body total weight is the right one. If you want to tone up and lose centimeters, but we must necessarily do physical activities such as swimming or gym, that increase muscle mass going to affect the total weight, We can measure the circumference of arms, thighs, waist and hips: repeating twice a week this technique we can add up the lost centimeters, measuring the results with great satisfaction.]]>

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