The mattresses for magnetic therapy at low frequency

Girl sleeping peacefully thanks to a mattress for magnetic therapy at low frequency

A mattress low-frequency magnetic It is a medical device used to prevent and treat l 'Osteoporosis and the difficulty of bone calcification. In the presence of fractures, especially if the reparative process appears to be slow, It will have a clear benefit from the use of a magnetic mattress. This apparatus is also equipped with a analgesic effect, that mitigates the bone and joint pain, and not just. The result is a beneficial and restorative sleep. The operation on which it is based is that of low-frequency magnetotherapy. Let's see what exactly is it and why should I use a magnetic mattress.

What is magnetic therapy?

You might think the opposite, yet the Magnetic therapy is a form of alternative therapy millennia old. In ancient China it was used already, although they did not know the magnetic mattress we use today. The operating principle has remained substantially unchanged, however,. The low-frequency magnetotherapy, practically, uses the influence of magnetic fields on the electric potential of cell. In case of illness, the cells are subjected to various alterations type (unfortunately negative) which can be remedied with 'beneficent influence of magnetism, that helps to reverse these changes.

Uomo si sottopone ad un trattamento di magnetoterapiaobviously no magnetic field and the magnetic field. Not all benefits are or have equivalent therapeutic effects. A low-frequency magnetic mattress has different properties from one high-frequency. But when the field strength or frequency are excessive we have the beneficial influence of magnetic therapy, but cellular damage. The other way around, if these values ​​are too low you do not have harmful effects, but not positive.

This problem, however, does not affect the use of any magnetic mattress. Such a device only generates a field of right intensity and frequency to play a healing effect. The important thing is that both quality and with their suitability for use in certification charge, as each magnetic mat Beauty Factory. Remember fact that it is a medical device. And that a magnetic mattress made in China surely will prove disappointing.

The low-frequency magnetic mattress is how it works?

The effectiveness of the magnetic mattress is due to the fact that the magnetic field of low frequency and high intensity, It generated inside the solenoids, It is modulated to stimulate bone repair. For bone repair means a physiological process that occurs physiologically without realizing it. The skeleton, In fact, is living tissue formed. Looking at closely, you can discover that any of its components, ie every bone, is formed from 2 types of cells and from a mineralized extracellular matrix.

Cells, respectively, the osteoblasti he osteoclasti. The former are responsible for the training and continuous regeneration of new bone (osteogenesi). The latter shall ensure the destruction (osteolisi), releasing blood precious minerals that make up the matrix. This is the football, of the phosphorus he was born in magnesium. Under normal conditions, the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, which is under the control of parathyroid hormone and calcitonin (2 hormones), It is in balance.

Unfortunately, at a certain point may be a need of the magnetic mattress because there are several factors that can alter the balance osteogenesis-osteolysis. The trauma, l’advancing age, the local inflammation, some autoimmune diseases are the main. This is so that the bone to regenerate hard and loses density, becoming brittle and prone to non-healing fractures. Osteoporosis is the most common example.

Here onto the pitch, you should say, the magnetic mattress and low frequency magnetic therapy.

Night after night, the sleeper sees diminish the osteo-articular pains, while in the bones rebalances the relationship between the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Although calcium is absorbed better, thus giving the body the "brick main" bone remodeling. Merit influence of low-frequency magnetotherapy on calcium metabolism.

The advantages of the magnetic mattress

Never underestimate the bone and joint pain and osteoporosis, they negatively affect the quality of life. A low-frequency magnetic mattress can help naturally solve these problems without presenting side effects. Not only. Magnetic therapy has further documented positive effects. It improves bowel function, sleep quality, retards cellular aging, in particular the skin, he has action edema and anti-varicose, slows bacterial replication, It prevents muscle spasms and is an effective painkiller. in conclusion, good reasons to acquire a magnetic mattress really are not lacking.

To sum up, here are the 5 major advantages in choosing a mattress with the integrated low-frequency magnetotherapy:

  • It prevents the loss of bone density being osteoporosis;
  • It accelerates the healing of fractures thanks to the improvement in bone metabolism;
  • It has positive effects on neck pain and other painful inflammations such as epicondylitis (that affects the elbow);
  • Delays skin aging due to improved intake of calcium and the beneficial effects on the microcirculation of the magnetic mattress;
  • It promotes a peaceful sleep, partly about football, which is a relaxing, per share in part on the electrical potential of muscle cells, nerve and endocrine.

Or magnetic mattress magnetic mattress?

you can buy a To reap the benefits of the low-frequency magnetotherapy mattress for magnetic therapy or a magnetic mattress, obviously both low frequency. The difference is that the former, generally more expensive, also performs the function of mattress (it is), while the second is placed on an existing mattress. Which is better?

There really is not an absolute answer. If the bed there is already a great mattress, like Beauty Factory, you can opt for the magnetic mattress. If it is time to replace the old one, you may consider purchasing a magnetic mattress, Always Beauty Factory has several catalog models both single and double. The choice of the characteristics of what you buy require medical advice. Both magnetic mattress mattress are both tax-deductible.

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