The diet and toning: how to get results

slendertone FabbricaBenessere           Even after the summer remains the “problem” of the toning and slimming: starting a diet is certainly the first step and, together with this, you must also do exercise to burn calories and lead an activity that is constant and satisfying. The treatment period varies depending on the pounds you want to lose… although it would be better to talk about cm: the weight body, In fact, It is composed of fat mass, muscle mass and water, and not always the word “lose weight” coincides with “weight loss”, especially if it develops muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. To monitor the results and then, in addition to weight scale, it is best to obtain even metro and measure those most subject to points “rolls” like arms, waist, belly and thighs! Dieta e tonificazioneOne of the main tricks to lose weight is reduce the portions and spirits, avoid fatty foods, rich in sugar and seasonings, to promote vegetables, white meat and whole grains. Drinking plenty of water is essential to purify, but it does not lead to real weight loss: It helps to drain and then to deflate. Along with this diet you need to do so much movement: depending on the age, you can choose the activity that best suits, such as running (perhaps accompanied the end of the session by toning exercises for abs and arms), or swimming, to the cardio-fitness activities that can help you burn many calories, promoting weight loss… and even the mood! But the real trick is the costanza: resist temptation or fatigue, try not to be lazy and move around every day are perhaps the main step to achieve the desired physical form! Motivation must push us to do more and better. And while you are awaiting results, which in any case will soon arrive, you can use a little help: The slimming and clothing restraints, which can give us a hand in refining the figure, wearing so those leaders who now thought of having to throw, to help us gain confidence in ourselves and finally feel better. If you want more advice on how to lose weight or tone up the most difficult areas of the body, Follow us on Facebook and visit our site:]]>

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