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cervical massage: an effective remedy for neck pain

The cervicalgia, which generally it is determined by muscle contractures, from poor posture or with a very sedentary life, is a painful disorder sometimes disabling, which it affects men and women equally (usually after 40 years). Let's find out how to combat it effectively with cervical massage shiatsu DIY.

The neck pain They may occur starting at cervical vertebrae, but they may subsequently spread to head, all shoulders, all arms o alla back. It's definitely one of musculo-skeletal disorders popular among the population. It affects mostly after 40-45 years, ma, in some cases, It may occur sooner.

The cervicalgia, which it is a rather painful disease, hits the cervical spine, ie the'Upper area of ​​the spine that comprises 7 vertebrae (the first two denominated upper cervical spine and other 5 lower cervical spine). Quest’area, remember, It represents the most mobile part of the spinal column, which ensures the correct movements of the neck and head. When the cervical spine becomes inflamed to pay the expenses they are all the structures of the neck (ie the vertebrae, muscles and nerves).

The cervicalgia It is characterized by numerous symptoms. The main ones are the following: Massaggio al collo un rimedio efficace contro la cervicalgia

1 – stiff neck

2 – sense of vomiting and dizziness

3 – headache

4 – pain radiating to the arms and hands

5 – tingling

6 – loss of mobility (so much so that people with this condition have difficulty moving your head, even when it is simply to raise or lower your eyes);

7- vision and hearing disorders

8 – migraine

9 – swallowing problems

eziopatologici of neck pain Elements

They can facilitate the painful symptoms of neck vertebrae a range of circumstances; if you think, For example,, a rather sedentary life, a Poor posture, to certain injuries from sports activities or other types of accidents, the work that force the subject to fixed positions for a prolonged period of time (if you think, For example,, to those who do an office job or to students who for hours remain folded forward on books and in front of the PC keyboard), or to lesions caused by trauma to the cervical spine flexion-extension.

The diagnosis of cervical should be performed by a physical therapist or an orthopedic doctor. During the clinic visit the specialist will carry out the patient's history and will detect some features of his lifestyle (for example, the type of work done, sports practiced, etc.), determine which are the causes of painful symptoms and how it has spread (shoulders, arms, hands, etc.). In a second step is carried out physical examination (radiograph, TC, MRI and electromyography), allowing a thorough musculoskeletal and neurological evaluation.

Cervical shiatsu massage: a valuable remedy

The neck massage required by Japanese shiatsu (which literally means "finger pressure"), it's a Cervical message of therapeutic which significantly reduces the inflammation of nerves adjacent to the cervical vertebrae.

But you can make a neck massage DIY? Absolutely yes! Simply purchase a shiatsu massage therapist aimed at alleviating the tensions and the painful symptoms of the neck and the cervical area. This effective medical device, remember, It is able to reproduce the beneficial effects of shiatsu massage with heat radiation, which relaxes and "melts" cervical muscle bundles. It deals with, in other words, the ideal solution to get yourself some relaxing and healthy rejuvenating massages, without spending inflated figures.

After a homemade neck massage, the relief is immediate!

5 reasons to use a shiatsu massage for the neck:

The shiatsu massage is activated by a button and, thanks to the heat function, It may also have an intense neck massage and rejuvenating, the user can provide the following benefits:

1 - is a valid alternative to taking drugs antiinflammatory;

2 – stimulates the internal energy organism, acting on the chakras, ie the energy channels through which you can positively affect any vital center;

3 - it allows to relieve tension and the level of accumulated stress during the day, increasing the defenses of the immune system and promoting the elimination of waste and toxins;

4 - infuses both physical well-being That mental;

5 - returns a condition of the neck elasticity and of harmony.

If you wish to receive further information on Cervical shiatsu massage through a special medical device, please visit the following site: http://www.fabbricabenessere.it/stile-di-vita/massaggio-rilassante. The device for neck massage shiatsu on sale in this shop online, that works with power cord, can be activated through integrated commands that comprise 2 effective programs, one of which is based on the heat radiation. It performs a type of rotary massage, which makes use of two balls (the same size of those courses) which rotate in a clockwise and the other counterclockwise.

The device, able to relieve tension and pain in the neck and cervical, presents comfortable handles to facilitate gripping and is made of removable and washable fabric.

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