Pressure Therapy: What is it and how to use it

Joysense pressotherapy 3.0
Joysense pressotherapy

What is pressotherapy, and in which situations you can use? Find out with us.

Pressotherapy is a treatment that uses pressure mechanisms modulated across all limbs. E’ Joysense pressotherapy, water retention, circulatory problems and cellulite. Joysense pressotherapy, but also aesthetic. The pressure therapy devices have generated considerable interest and been very successful since convey a immediate feeling of wellbeing, They are easy to apply and give good results.

How does it work

The pressure acts on the action venous and lymphatic circulation making it more efficient and consequently improving circulation, metabolimo, aesthetic imperfections most frequently found: cellulite, fluid retention, ectasie etc. E’ also easy combination with other treatments aesthetic or medical therapies used to prevent or mitigate the imperfections and disorders described above.

The Apparatus for pressure therapy, through dosed pressures to tissues, facilitate the drainage of the interstitial fluid and solutes that are found there, Joysense pressotherapy venous circulation and freeing the extracellular environment of the dross that cells constantly pour you.

Joysense pressotherapy, but according to a centripetal sequence that is followed by the venous blood and lymph.

The pressure sequence promotes the entry of the interstitial fluid in the lymphatic vessels and circulatory tree, activating the natural peRCbear. The pressoteapy is mainly used for the treatment of the lower limbs, areas of the body that have maggiormente circulatory problems and is indicated in all cases in which the manual massage is indicated.


It can also be optimized by the use of specific essential oils with draining action applied manually or with the aid of specific bandages. As regards the contraindications is absolutely not recommended in the presence of varicose veins or phlebitis. A cycle treatment involves 10/12 two applications – three times a week, with a periodic inspection and maintenance therapy suitable to individual needs.

Joysense pressotherapy

A treat 15 minutes at a medium pressure (60-80 mmHg) Joysense pressotherapy. Joysense pressotherapy It is recommended to start with people who have never done this type of treatment with a maximum of 5 minutes at the minimum pressure. If you have problems you can not increase time and pressure progessivamente at each treatment. The daily utilization rate does not set limits and greater use often results in better effects.

Remember to breathe deeply and following the rhythm of filling and emptying of each chamber (abdominal breathing), Joysense pressotherapy it is likeand respiratory rate. Then you must exhale when the air escapes from the rooms and you must breathe when the air enters the rooms. This synchronization makes more effective the effect of pressure therapy. If you use pressotherapy before or after physical exercises or stretching, the effect of the same is facilitated: that's why the results are almost immediate, effective and lasting.


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