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Radiofrequency facial

The skin aging determines the so-called tissue atrophy, or the Degradation of connective tissue. But over the age what are the main contributing factors that make the skin less elastic, relaxed and marked by wrinkles? First, exposure to sunlight and, secondly, the factors (come smoking and coffee) che riducono la sintesi di collagene e di elastina, which constitute the main connective tissue protein. The radio frequency is the healing practice can stimulate its own production of these organic compounds, regenerating tissues and giving the skin firmness and tone. Let's see in detail what it is.

The aesthetic radiofrequency It allows to realize an effective non-surgical facelift (not surprisingly many call it "facelift without surgery”) correcting the laxity of the tissues through the application of high-frequency electromagnetic energy, which it is able to promote the production of collagen and elastin, namely the organic compounds of the connective tissue, rich in proline and glycine, that ensure elasticity to various body organs.

This novel technique for remodeling and skin rejuvenation, developed in the United States and even now fairly widespread in Europe, It is especially popular with women aged between 30 e i 65 years.

Radiofrequency aesthetic: what it is and how it works

radiofrequenza esteticaAs we saw radiofrequency facial aesthetics It is a medical treatment and aesthetic effect anti-aging e bio-revitalizing that makes use of a specific apparatus equipped with handpieces capable of generating alternating electric high frequency current. This healing practice, in effect, It is based on the so-called principio di diathermy (which is derived from the Greek words "hot” e “deep”), which consists in the application of high frequency electrical currents designed to produce heat within tissues. But what exactly happens when the energy delivered by the machine propagates through the skin? It is homogeneously diffused in the patient's skin tissues in the form of heat. The latter then, stimulates blood circulation of the treated area and promotes fibroblast metabolism, resulting in the production by the latter of new collagen and elastin, proteins that cause skin regeneration.

Durata e costi della radiofrequenza per il viso

A radio frequency cycle comprises approximately 7-10 sessions, each lasting 30-45 minutes each. The operator will be able to advise the patient also maintenance sessions to be carried out on a periodic basis. Since the early treatments, the user will be able to note that the facial skin, neck and cleavage appears to be more elastic, compact and perfectly expanse. We remember that the cost of each session is between 70 e i 130 euro, depending on the area to be treated.

It must be said, finally, you can also do this therapeutic practice at home, buying ad hoc equipment to perform the treatment.

The 5 reasons to use radio frequency:

1 - has the effectiveness of a surgical facelift, as it regenerates and rejuvenates the skin

2 - heals forms of severe acne

3 - it does not produce side effects and can be made at any time of year

4 - it can also be done at home

5- It is a non-invasive technique

Those who wish to have more information about the radio frequency aesthetic, can consult the following link:

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